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Welcome once again to another addition of Pinned It/Tried It here at Le. Rheims.  This time, I foolishly decided to attempt some homemade tomato soup, figuring if I can make spaghetti sauce, I can make soup.  I mean, it can’t be that hard, right?


Oh, so very wrong.

Uck. Major Pinterest fail.

The Pin: Quick Creamy Tomato Soup
The Source: Rachel Ray for Food Network
The Gist: Homemade, quick, easy, tomato soup
The Verdict: Josie Grossie.

Never, never again will I attempt this, or possibly even any other homemade tomato soup.  For the price, it’s not even that much of a bargain.  As, for the taste, it was like trying to drink hot V8 juice and nothing at all like a hot bowl of creamy tomato goodness.

On a side note, I picked this recipe to try because it claimed it was creamy.  In my mind, creamy means no lumpy or gritty and this soup was anything but creamy.  In fact, I ended up trying to strain it so as to get rid of some of the grit, and it ended horribly.

See? Josie Grosie.

If I wanted my vegetables to taste like vegetables, I’d eat them raw and not contrive ways of hiding them as much as possible in other foods and forms.

From now on, I’ll let the fine people at Campbell’s do what they do best: make amazing tomato soup (which they then condense and stick in a can for me to make up at home).