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We went to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire this weekend.  While I’ve been to ren faires before, and I get that they are their own special animals with things you just have to accept without thinking too much about if you want to have a good time, even I was left scratching my head over some of the things I saw.

What’s with all the tails?  Seriously?  I can’t even tell you how many people, mostly women, I saw walking around with busy, furry tails hanging off their backsides.  From the looks of most, I think they were supposed to be foxes or raccoon  but I swear, some of them were more colorful, like pink and green, and I have no idea what they were supposed to be.

That thing in the circle? That’s her tail, apparently.

This one’s pink. Sorry for the terrible quality. I was walking and snapping pics on the sly.












What’s with all the tutus?  They were everywhere.  This one was my favorite, for it’s sheer size.  If you’re going to do a tutu, then for pete’s sake, DO A TUTU.

This isn’t just a tutu. It’s a TUTU.

What’s with all the, excuse the word, but “tramps”?  I get that these are costumes, but honestly folks, I don’t ever need to see that much of anyone’s body, and my young children don’t either.  There were women (and little girls, I’m sad to say) literally less than half dressed.  There were boobies everywhere, not to mention the midriffs, the backs, the barely covered crotches.  Also, last I checked, “half-naked chic” wasn’t exactly all the rage in Elizabethan England.    I’m just saying.  I don’t really have any pictures of this one because I was trying to keep my need for the eye bleach to a minimum this day.

What’s with all the marshmallows?  Actually, this part was quite amusing.  After the live chess match, someone came up and asked the kids if they wanted to fight in the queen’s army.  Despite my gut reaction to say, “Hell no, they aren’t fighting for that Catholic hating biatch,” I allowed it (as it was just pretend).  The kids were all handed marshmallow shooters and bags of ammunition (marshmallows).  We then all walked to a main square with the queen and her party, and had a marshmallow war.  The kids enjoyed the heck out of it.

Why were we even there, you might be wondering?  Well, it was Pirate Weekend and my in-laws thought it would be great fun for the kids or nipperts, as they were called all day, and, it was.  They loved it!  They went to pirate school and learned how to walk, talk, and swashbuckle like a real pirate.  They even got inflatable swords and participated in an awesome treasure hunt.

Treasure! They were surprised when they realized we had a whole pirate crew of our own.

There were several other things I didn’t quite understand, but I didn’t have the time or the desire to snap all the pictures.  What’s with all the fairies, the demons, the vampire couples carrying around vampire baby dolls that were so creepy I’m surprised I haven’t had any nightmares?  Yeah.  I totally understood the pirates, since it was pirate weekend (the reason we were there).  I’m not sure how they fit in the with the whole Ren Faire thing, but at least they were “supposed” to be there.

As I said, I am not new to Ren Faires.  I understand that they are something you either get or you don’t.  I generally think them enjoyable, if you don’t take them too seriously.  I’m just not sure how any of these random things made their way into the Ren Faire world.  Anyone care to help me out on this one?