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I over think some things.  I can take something as simple as a raised eyebrow or a one word text and analyze it to within an inch of its life.  And of course, if I can do it with silly, meaningless stuff like that, you know that’s what I do when it’s time to make actual decisions about serious things, like curriculum.

Since we’re trying out a Charlotte Mason (CM) style curriculum approach this year, and since we’re new to it, I want to work within the framework of an already set curriculum.  Two of the main CM “schools” are Mater Amabilis (MA) and Ambleside Online (AO), and in my effort to find the best one for us I spent way too much time making up a side-by-side comparison of their first three years in a spreadsheet.  I’ve made up my mind (chosen mostly MA with a sprinkling of other stuff), but it struck me that there might be others like me out there.  There might in fact be others who need a clearer view of these two schools, side-by-side, to help them in choosing the right one for themselves.  Since I’ve already done the work, it didn’t make sense not to share it.

Here it is, my overly thought out, overly detailed, most likely completely unnecessary spreadsheet with a side-by-side comparison of two great Charlotte Mason curricula.

Side-by-Side Comparison of Mater Amabilis and Ambleside Online,
The First Three Years
It’s a Scribd.com upload)

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with either of the schools and am simply a mom, trying to make the best decisions for my own children with the clearest information I can get my hands on.  To see either of the schools themselves, please click on these links:

Mater Amabilis

Ambleside Online

Secondary disclaimer: This isn’t a perfect comparison.  It’s the gist of what each program entails, the main books they call for, and the main subjects only.  Delve deeper for yourself, but keep this in mind as an overview.