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So, as I posted on Thursday in my PHFR post, I completed a new blanket for someone.  It was an order, a baby shower gift I believe.  Now, normally, I don’t do blankets.  I just don’t.  They require a far longer attention span than I possess in the yarn department.  I’ve basically got YPADD (yes, Yarn Project Attention Deficit Disorder).  Small hats, baby sweaters, fingerless gloves (because yes, even adding fingers is just too much work), the occasional scarf; that’s it.

But, when a family member or possibly a friend makes a request (and offers to pay for said request), I make an exception.


Duh duh DUH!

I love it.  I mean, I really love it.  Here’s the pattern from over on the Red Heart website.  Pretty basic but ingenious construction, where the center of the circle is the body of the owl, and then there’s the “sky” ring of blue, and the white background.  The eyes, beak, and feet are added on and suddenly, it’s an OWL.   I love the branch, with the very dimensional flowers and leaves.  I think the pink scalloped edge is the perfect touch (I changed this part up, as it was blue in the pattern).


The cuteness. I just can’t.


It's even reversible.  New skill acquired. Score!

It’s even reversible. New skill acquired. Score!

It’s freaking adorable, right?