While flipping through a missalette one Sunday morning during the homily, my sister stopped short when her eyes landed on what she thought to be a very disparaging song title: “St. Joseph Was Just a Man.”  She stared at it a moment longer, really in a bit of disbelief that someone would write a song like this, and then it his her.  Her eyes hadn’t quite relayed the correct information to her brain.  The title of the song was, in fact, “St. Joseph Was a Just Man.”  Big difference.  Huge in fact.  She told us, we all had a good laugh, and have kept it alive as a little family joke ever since.  Whenever someone makes a comment about a saint being just another so-and-so, someone will invariably respond with, “And St. Joseph was just a man.”  It’s funny, because it’s true.  Saint Joseph was just a man, and yet God used him as His personal stand-in with His own Son.

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