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As you may know, I live in NJ, in the Northeast, which has been hit like a ton of bricks pretty hard by winter this year.  It’s begun to feel as if we live in Narnia, pre-Pevensie children, where it is “always winter and never Christmas” (except of course that it was Christmas, but with all the snow we couldn’t do much “Christmasing”).  Suffice it to say, we are so over winter.  Unfortunately, winter isn’t quite over with us.

Putting the calendar aside for a moment though, we had Saturday, and it was glorious.  I would say it was for reasons unknown, but that’s not true.  I know, as in the knowing of feeling it in your heart of hearts, that God was just reminding us that winter will not last forever.  In the midst of it, He sent us Saturday as a little incentive to keep the hope alive.  Of course, it will be in the 20s today, but we will remember Saturday in our bones and know that Spring will be here soon.


Grass!  Sort of.

Grass! Sort of.

This may not look like much, but it’s the most grass we’ve seen in months.  Even if it is brown and gray, it’s still grass, and grass means warm weather ahead.

DSCN4167I’m not even sure how these are here, but they’re pretty.  They’re last years flowers, but instead of falling off, some of them stayed, brown, dead, but still clinging to this tree.  When I caught sight of them, up there in the tree, I had one of Anne Shirley’s “kindred spirits” moment.  It’s almost Spring, they’re still here, and so am I.


I love this so much.

I love this so much.

This picture just makes my heart happy.  I love that my boys, all of them, are growing into little chivalrous men, who hold doors for ladies (even their sisters), wait for younger siblings to catch up, hold their hands so they don’t feel like the last one in the line, and so much more.  It makes me glad to see that they have picked up the good example that their father sets for them every day.

He found a walking stick, Again, like his father.

He found a walking stick, Again, like his father.

Nature study/science class right in the middle of our pleasant Saturday walk.

Nature study/science class right in the middle of our pleasant Saturday walk.


DSCN4170I believe she was showing me how she would walk if she had “really, really, really, really, really long arms.” I guess video would be better for this one, but with as fast as she normally moves, I’m lucky I got this one picture.


Black. Snow.

Black. Snow.

Again with the black snow, Bridget?  Again with the black snow, because there is still black snow all around.  Actually, by the time this is published, there will be hardly any black snow left at all, thanks to the rain, but on Saturday, there was still black snow.  Can you tell the black snow thing bothers me?


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