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How old were you when you learned to cook?  I’m not talking about anything insane like roasting a turkey or making a mousse.  I mean actually learned the basics of cooking?

Can’t quite pinpoint a specific age?  Sadly, neither can most of the people I’ve asked.  It’s just not something that many people take the time to actually teach, and it isn’t taught in most schools either.  One of the many reasons I homeschool my children is so that I can teach them not only about their faith, but also because it affords me the opportunity to teach them about life in general and about the way we live as a family.  In my opinion, it’s a little hard to do that when my children are out of the house for eight hours out of every day, just as it would be if I were out of the house for that long.  So, we all stay home, and we learn how to live.

That being said, I’ve decided it’s time for me to start teaching the kidlets the basics of cooking.  And when I say basics, I do mean the basics.  I will in fact be teaching them how to boil water and butter toast.  These are not things that one simply knows.  They are things that must be taught, however simply or easily, but taught nonetheless.  Seriously, have you ever seen a six year old try to spread peanut butter onto white bread for the first time before?  I have.  It’s a real nail-biter.

I’m still working on a “curriculum” if you will, but I’ll be posting it all on here as I go.  I’ve actually already started, with teaching the Scientist how to make French toast (in addition to spreading “stuff” on bread).  That’ll be a future installment.  For now, I’d like to poll the audience (but, you know, without a poll because I’m always afraid I’ll post one and then nobody will respond and then I’ll be all embarrassed and stuff):

What was the first thing you remember learning to cook all by yourself?  Was it hard?  Easy?

If you never learned the basics as a kid, do you feel inadequate in the kitchen as an adult?

What is the first thing you think anyone needs to learn when learning to cook?  It could be anything from safety rules to techniques.