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I have a friend from college who posts these little “Overheard at the Smith’s” on Facebook.  Obviously not her real name, but you get the idea.  They’re hilarious.  So, when one of Mama Kat’s prompts this week was to post seven thing I’ve overheard this week, I figured I’d give it a try.

Here goes.

7 Things I’ve Overheard This Week

  1. “Who’s ashes did they use today, at Mass?” — Him 2.
    “Excuse me?” — The Husband
    “You know, the ashes, for the crosses, on our foreheads.  Who’s are they?”
    “You know they’re not from people, right?” — Him 1.
    A little embarrassed: “Oh, yeah.  Yeah, of course I know.” — Him 2.
  2. “It’s just her whole fingernail.  It’ll grow back.  Probably.  I’m like 80% sure.”
  3. Me to the Pirate Princess: “Of course you can pretend to be a pet monkey princess sister.  You go tell your brother that mommy says, ‘You don’t know my life’.”A few minutes later,  the Chatterbox came running in asking this: “Um, does hims know my life, or not?”  All so she could run back inside and shout out, “You don’t know my life!”  I guess I use that phrase a lot.
  4. “Dad, you forgot to change Prague.  Again.  Come on!”
  5. “Keep your hands on your own ashes!”
  6. “Did Uncle Richard really get eaten by a hippo?”
    During a narration after reading about the first French expedition to the New World and it’s tragic end:
    “They ran out of food and then they decided that one man should die for the good of all and so they killed him and they became cannonballs.” — Him.
    “Um, close.  They became cannibals.” — Me.
    “Oh, anyway, they ate each other.  So. Cool.” — Him.
    “At least you’re paying attention.” — Me.


In response to prompt number five on this week’s list and shared over at Mama Kat’s

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