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Photo by Afagen

Photo by Afagen

A few months back, I wrote a piece on here announcing our joyful expectation of our eighth child, entitled “What to Expect…When You’re Expecting for the Eighth Time.”  It was fun, a little silly, and touch snarky.  We were thrilled, and could not wait to share our joy with, well, everyone.  What can I say?  Happiness is something that wants to be shared.

Since that time, I’ve been pretty much off the grid.  All of my loyal readers (all 1 of you — Hi Tim!) will have noticed that I hadn’t posted on here (or anywhere else) since some time in December.  There are several reasons for my absence. For one, my computer died.  Seriously.  It was here one day and gone the next.  For another, I’ve been busily homeschooling my little brood.  It takes a lot of focus on four different grades and six different subjects.  Oh, and then there’s the snow.  There’s something about a snowpocalypse that just makes one want to give up on things like a blog.  Plus, Downtown came back, so…

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