I posted back in September, at the beginning of the school year, that I was excited to start our full-on Charlotte Mason style year of homeschooling.

And then, I basically dropped off the face of the blogging world.

In all honesty, before we lost the baby, we were doing OK.  We got through all of September, a whole four weeks of work, and we actually did most of our curriculum.  It was great.  Like, fan-freaking-tastic great.  We learned, we lived, we laughed.  We loved it.

Until, we hit a tiny bump in the road and the whole thing basically fell apart.  Our apartment is stupid.  Since we have no control over the heat, it can get ridiculously hot in here.  We live right over the furnace and tend to keep all of the radiators turned off and survive on just the ambient heat, floating up through the floorboards.  Sometimes though, it gets so cold out that we have to actually turn on the radiators. *duh duh DUH*  For instance, in December of 2012, right after the Shield Maiden was born, there was a cold snap, so we turned on the radiator in the living room, and, well, it got stuck that way.

This wasn’t too bad, for the week or so when it was frigid outside, but as soon as the weather warmed up (and by this I mean the temperature went above 25), the whole apartment turned into a sauna.  It was disgusting, and we couldn’t stop it.  The management company never does a darn thing it should, and so we suffered through the almost relentless heat until the end of May, by which time it was time for nature to be providing relentless heat.  Essentially, for almost an entire year, from December of 2012 until sometime in November of 2013, we lived in an oven.  There was the early Fall, a brief respite, where the magic numbers lined up and the heat in the building was still off and the outside was pleasantly cool and so our apartment was glorious, but after that, it went straight back to death.

We started our CM journey in that blissful period which I like to call “September” and by October 15th, the heat had come back on, making it almost impossible to get any work done.  Take note: there’s a reason we don’t have school in July in NJ.  It’s essentially asking the teachers and students to fail because it’s hard to study when one is passed out from heat stroke.  Add to the heat the colds we all had and we basically got nothing done from the middle of October until they fixed the radiator finally in mid-November.

Oh, I found ways of sneaking in some of our subjects outside of school hours, something my kids despise, but I think I’ll talk about that in another post.  Suffice it to say that, here we are in February, and the only subject that we are on top of is Math, which, if you homeschool, you know is the one subject that is hardest to catch up on for most of us if we fall behind in it.

As for Miss Mason, I still love most of her philosophy and would still recommend reading her to anyone considering homeschooling.  But, I’ve come back to reality a bit, and realized that it’s hard to jump in, head first, to a curriculum style you’ve never tried before, and keep it going for a whole school year without losing part of it from sheer exhaustion.

Oh Charlotte, you saucy minx, drawing me in with your living books, and then leaving me to wallow with no lesson plans.  Full-on Charlotte Mason.  We’ll get there, eventually, but it won’t be this school year.