Because it is.  I am now entering what Julian of Norwich called her “Jesus year.”  That’s right.  I’m 33.  Unlike her, though, I’m not asking God to bless me with extra suffering this year.  No, this year, I’m asking for some normalcy.

In this next year, I’d like a few things.  I’d like a better job for the Husband, because it would make him happier.  I’d like our schooling to go well, and our new curriculum to produce happy, well educated children.  I’d like more than this that we have a good time, a genuinely good time, with all of it.  I want us to learn and grow together as a family.  I’d like to have another baby (that’s more a prayer than an “I’d like” though).  I’d like to win the lottery (that’s definitely more of a wish than an “I’d like”).  I’d like my writing to grow and improve.  I’d like it very much if we could all make it, safe and sound, to the end of this next year.

I guess I do have a lot of things I’d like for this year.  Here’s hoping some of it actually happens.  If it doesn’t, though, I’m happy the way I am, with what I have.

Happy birthday to me!