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I didn’t post last week.  I was lazy.  I had a rough week, mainly involving me finalizing most of my curriculum choices and trying to decide on what was actually essential as opposed to what would be nice additions.  I didn’t do much Zumba so I didn’t even bother to do a weigh-in.

Then came Monday morning.  I woke up energized (I know, right?  When was the last time that happened?) and ready to hit the Zumba DVDs hard.  I did it.  I managed the whole, hour long, grueling “Zumba Live! Party” without passing out.  I only cursed out Beto twice the whole time, too.  I was doing well.  I was ready to keep going.

Then came Tuesday morning.  I woke up and was, once again, ready to go.  Perhaps the inadvertent break I had given myself the week before had reinvigorated me.  Perhaps I just remembered how good it feels to be working towards a goal that is showing itself more and more to be attainable.  I’m not sure, but I was ready and couldn’t wait to get started.

I walked into the kids’ room, put away the trundle, kicked a few stray toys out of my way, and walked the two steps over to the TV.  I noticed the DVD player wasn’t connected, which was  odd, because it’s always connected.  Picking up the wire, I was just about to reconnect it when I saw the problem: the thing was broken.  Yeah.  My kids had apparently stepped on it the night before and didn’t realize it was broken so then didn’t tell me.  I should say, the TV has been living on the floor, with the play precariously resting on top of it for the past few months since I started rearranging their room and left it unfinished.  It’s not like they had to do much to accidentally break it, and it’s mainly my own fault.  But, that being said, the thing is broken and it’s our only player and set of cords.  No player = no Zumba.

This morning, I didn’t even want to weight myself.  All the resolve and energy and determination and hope of the previous week seemed to have disappeared with the functionality of the DVD player.  I didn’t see much point in checking a weight I was fairly certain would either be the same or more than it had been two weeks earlier.  But, I did it anyway, and I found myself pleasantly surprised: my weight had barely changed, and the little it did was in the right direction, that is, down.

Today or tomorrow will be spent partly in buying a new cord and partly in attempting to finish their room so that the TV will no longer be in such a vulnerable position.  And then, come Monday, I’ll be at it again.  Who knows?  If I get it all fixed up today, I may even start back up tomorrow.  I’m feeling that urge to get up and get dancing as I type this.  Maybe I’ll just go throw a Friday morning dance party in the kitchen while I wait.   Sounds like a plan.


Current weight: 180.06 (down 2/10 of a pound)
Current waist: 37.25″ (down 1/4 of an inch)