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“Capturing contentment in everyday life” yet again this week, with the ladies over at Like Mother, Like Daughter.

As I said before, August is a busy month for my little family (I mean with 15 siblings, their spouses, and the 45 nieces and nephews, when isn’t it a busy month? But I digress).  This past week, we celebrated another birthday, for the Ninja Monkey this time.  I can’t believe he’s seven!  No for reals, because he’s the size of like a five year old.   But, seven he is, and cake was had by all.


There's something about a tray of cupcakes I always find so appealing.  I mean, aside from the nummyness.

Cupcakes were had too.

There’s something about a tray of cupcakes I always find aesthetically appealing.


Got the right present.  Score.

Got the right present. Score.

You know that moment when someone opens a present you’ve gotten them, and you know that they absolutely loved it?  That the time and effort you put into picking out just the right gift has obviously paid off?  And you know, moms and dads, how that feeling is exponentially increased when that present is for your own child?  Yeah.  I’m not sure which one of us was happier right here.


"It's dark in here."

“It’s dark in here.”

Of course, the wrapping is just as much fun as the gifts, right?


Pika pika!

Pika pika!

It’s real. I made it.  Really, I just wanted an excuse to show off the cake.  He wanted, and I quote, “Pikachu.  Wearing a birthday hat.  A green one.”  Mommy delivered.  Bam.  Byers and Green Cake Company: Turning dreams into Reality since 2004ish.


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