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This is one of those posts that will barely fall under the rather large umbrella of Truth and Charity.  It’s more or less just a rant, but it’s about C. S. Lewis and he was a Christian, so, yeah.  That’s about it.

I’m in the middle of reading my oldest sons the Chronicles of Narnia.  Actually, we’re almost at the end of it, and are currently close to the end of The Magician’s Nephew.   In case you haven’t read them (I know, I know; I almost can’t believe there are people out there who haven’t read them either), this book is the equivalent of the “origin story,” where we learn how exactly Narnia came to be, and how that terrible witch got there, and how the Talking Beasts learned to talk.  It’s the book in which we come to know how it all began and why everything in the other books happens.

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