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I have a bad habit of putting things up and not taking them down.  This happens primarily with things like decorations, mainly seasonal decorations but not only those.  As I looked about me tonight before I sat down to write, I realized that there were some prime examples of this terrible trait on display, so I thought I’d share.


I love the colors she used in this.  So vibrant!

I love the colors she used in this. So vibrant!

My niece painted a picture of a penguin as a gift for her old principal (they’re mascot was a penguin — super intimidating, right?).  When I saw it, I decided I needed one for myself.  This niece in particular appreciates handicrafts, and since I knit and crochet, she’s been the happy and grateful recipient of more than one of my little tidbits of yarnyness.  After browbeating, cajoling, and practically begging asking her nicely, she made me one of my own!  I love this little guy. 🙂


Not a decoration, obviously.

Not a decoration, obviously.

This is the only one that isn’t related to the whole “decorations” theme (unless I admit that the little Amazon boxes tend to linger around as well), but I had to include it.  This is my ever-growing stack of new (or new to me) books for our upcoming school year.  I’m so excited to try this curriculum style that I am having a hard time forcing myself to wait the next couple of weeks, but as I promised the boys that school wouldn’t start until September, I have no other choice.  I would say I’m especially excited about nature study, but in reality, I’m “especially” excited about all of it.


Yeah.  I don't know why it's still up either.

Yeah. I don’t know why it’s still up either.

That’s a wooden Easter egg plaque (I guess?) that was colored by the Ninja Monkey (I think).  It’s hanging on a little Command hook I keep on their bedroom door (which is in the living room) for just such a purpose (to hang small seasonal decorations and the like).  It’s been up there since Easter Sunday.  It’s August.  I laugh a little (and die a little) inside every time I see it.

Is there much sadder than the sight of dead flowers in a vase?

Is there a much sadder sight than that of dead flowers in a vase?

Remember those beautiful gladiolas I wrote about last week?  Well, they died, naturally.  That whole leaving-decorations-up-way-past-their-season thing holds true for even this kind of decoration.  I am horrible at getting rid of dead flowers.  Seriously.  I’ve have vases sit with shriveling up bouquets in them for over a month just out of laziness.  It’s wrong, I know, but there it is.

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