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Right now, when I should be basking in those last few weeks of the summer sun, I’m instead spending my days attached to my laptop, trying to figure out the day to day of our upcoming school year.  In my attempts to get ready for it, which, if you’ve been following, you’ll know is going to start a big switch for us to a Charlotte Mason style curriculum, I’ve been going over and over how it should all fit together. This style involves a great deal of reading, and while I’m really excited about it, I’m also completely unsure of how to schedule all of it.  I’m in scheduling hell.

If my kids were excellent readers, I’d have no problem.  I’d be able to schedule it all easily, by simply staggering the subjects or using a rotating schedule to give me/us time for our math lesson, we’d be set.  I’d get them set up, hand them their books, pat them on their little heads and send them on their merry way.  The reading though poses a problem.  The Superhero doesn’t read yet, and the Scientist and the Ninja Monkey are not quite completely independent just yet.   I’m honestly not quite sure how I’m going to get it.

So, if you hear someone mumbling incoherently front a fetal position in the corner, don’t worry, much.  It’s just me, going to my mental happy place, trying to figure this whole scheduling thing out.  Don’t worry, much.  This too shall pass.