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Yes, I realize it’s Monday, but as you may have guessed, I was busy getting my vacation on last week.  By vacation, I mean of course a five day visit with my sister in Harrisburg, PA, with the six kids.  Sad to say, the Husband couldn’t join us because of work constraints, but I think we still managed to have a good time ;).

While I didn’t manage to get to Zumba as often as I wanted to, I think it was offset by the fact that I did spend a good bit of time playing in the pool.  Oh, and there was plentiful ice cream had by all.  Or at least by me.  I’m not really sure what anyone else ate. 🙂  I tried to stick to my water for the most part, but I did partake of a glass or two of soda, since it was vacation, or “baycation,” as the Chatterbox would say.

Another thing the Chatterbox would say?  After having watched me “do” Zumba twice this week, a rare “treat” for my kids, as I usually barricade myself in a separate room and exercise privately, she has managed to pick up a couple of quotations from Beto.  She likes to ask people now, “Are you ready for shake your shoulders?”  And yes, that is how he says it, with a Columbian accent.  It’s hard not to laugh.

And now, here’s the really good news.  After last week’s little “issue,” not only did I manage to lose a little more, my waist is also back down to pre-“issue” size.  Not bad for a week of throwing caution to the wind and having a devil-may-care attitude.


Weight: 180.5 (down .7 lbs)
Waist: 37.5″ (down 1.25″)