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This week was a good week.  This week was a bad week.  And now I need to go gag myself with a spoon for sounding like Chuck Dickens.

Seriously though, it was both.

I’ve lost a little bit of weight, but I feel “fat.”  I feel a little bloated and generally yucky.  I forgot to eat breakfast the other day, ate a Poptart around 11:30, wasn’t hungry for lunch at noon, did my Zumba [read: cursed the TV and everyone on it as I fought my way through my Zumba, forgetting that I had forgotten to eat], and almost passed out in the shower because of it.  Remember kids: friends don’t let friends do Zumba on an empty stomach.  Otherwise it was fine.

It was a great week for weight loss still.  I’m down almost another two pounds.  For waistline, though, it’s another story.  It’s actually up over an inch.  I have a feeling this is because of a certain woman’s issue.  Let’s just say I’m not pregnant, and leave it to your own devices to figure out what else it might be.  I’ve no worries that, come next week, I’ll be back on my way to a smaller waist.


Weight: 181.2 (down 1.8 pounds)
Waist: 38.75″ (up 1.12″)