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I had such fun last week, reading and viewing all of the other {PFHR} posts over at Like Mother, Like Daughter that I’ve decided I must keep up with it.  Here we go again.

This week, I’m focusing on my kitchen.  I live in an apartment, with a small kitchen.  There’s hardly any counter space or cabinets, and almost everything I need to keep in the kitchen (and many things that do not need to be kept in the kitchen in a normal home but must be kept there for space constraints here) are kept on two large sets of open shelves from Ikea that are really intended for basements.  Suffice it to say, it’s crowded in there.  Still, it’s where I spend most of my time during the day.  And for all it’s smallness, it’s my kitchen, and as someone who loves to bake and share a good meal with my family, it’s still an important room, full of many little treasures.


Prettiest things in my kitchen

Prettiest things in my kitchen

These are my beautiful measuring cups.  Completely impractical as they are ceramic, and therefore breakable (which is why there are only three, and not four; the largest has been broken completely), but I love them so.  My husband bought them for me for Christmas a couple of years ago from Pier 1, and I think they’ve proven to be one of my favorite gifts ever.  I love for my functional things to be pretty.


My out of hand collection of extracts

My out of hand collection of extracts

When I went in search of my “thing” of orange extract (for making my granola), I found no less than three of them.  Then, just for kicks, I decided to see what others I had up there.  Do you know I found two peppermints, a coconut, a lemon, a vanilla (although sad to say not my giant Kirkland vanilla), and a thing of peppermint syrup that came with a thing of coffee a couple of Christmases ago.  I think I’ve got an addiction.

"Flavored Granola"

“Flavored Granola”

You know, as opposed to all of my tasteless granola.  Seriously.  I’m cheap.  Very cheap.  And I don’t recycle because I feel it’s more wasteful than just reusing as many things as I can on my own.  Among other things that means that I’ve taken to collecting the empty cans of Nesquick that my kids go through.  As a result, I’ve now got a collection of these things to rival my collection of extracts.  I’ve started labeling them with things like “granola,” for my plain granola, and “flavored granola,” for the batches I make that have anything extra in them.  There’s also one each for lollipops, homemade biscuit mix, and markers.  Oh, and about three more for which I haven’t found a use, but I will.  Oh yes, I will.


Orange-Coconut Granola (the "flavored" kind)

Orange-Coconut Granola (the “flavored” kind)

I can’t wait until breakfast when my kidlets realize that I made them granola after they went to bed last night.  Makes me happy just thinking about it.  Well, that, and thinking about eating it myself. 🙂



That “pretty” picture of my “pretty” cups from up top?  Yeah, this is the reality behind it.  Seriously, have you ever seen an uglier floor?  The building’s owner was so proud of herself that she picked out a pretty pink floor for the “young” couple moving in (that would be us).  That cake plate is still out from the end of June.  Those bags have random craft things the kids have no more use for and are planning on donating to the library (I went there yesterday and totally forgot to take them by the way).  On the table are craft things we’re going to use sometime this week.  But that picture was pretty, wasn’t it?  Totally worth it.


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