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I think one of the things I love most about praying with young children is the conversations it starts.  We’ve had my oldest daughter’s (four years old) astute observations about our need to attend Mass (“See Hims?  On the cross up there? Jesus? Hims has a lot of boo-boos and when we go to Mass we helps Hims boo-boos feel better”), and we’ve had my second daughter’s (two years old) prayers for unicorns and princesses…and unicorns.  We’ve had a lot of great conversations, started by the children, during our prayers.  I love listening to the way their child-hearts interpret what we try to teach them, by word and (I hope) by deed), and it always leaves me refreshed and looking forward to the next day.  Children seem to “get it” in a way that so many of us no longer do.

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