We started out for a walk after an early dinner last night, completely dry.  I assumed (silly me) that we would walk home that way.  So wrong.  So completely wrong.  And so very worth it.

We walked a bit, knowing full well that we would most likely end up at “somebody’s,” i.e. one of my sister’s houses, as we almost always do.  When we got there, this sister decided to have the kidlets take off their shoes and socks (thank God) and turn the hose on them before I could say, “But they don’t have anything dry to walk home in!”  Thank God.  It was still, at 6 in the evening, in the 90s.  Had I realized this before I got them all outside I would have stayed home.  It didn’t really sink in just how hot it was until we were several blocks away from home and at that point it I figured it was best to just go to someone else’s house and have a cold drink.  I just didn’t realize it would be from the hose.

After about an hour of all of them running around like crazy, having a ball, with their cousins (and at least one of them being used as a “dumb bell;” don’t ask), I marched five soaking wet children (and one nice and dry baby) home, up a busy-ish street, during evening traffic.  We must have been one helluva sight.  Somebody promise me they’ll remember stuff like this, when they’re grown up and out, please?  That’s what makes it worth it.  That, and seeing the pure joy on their faces when they stole the hose from the “big” cousins and turned it on them.  That’s was pretty worth it too.

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