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The Scientist: Mom, what’s Purgatory?

Me: It’s a place people go after they die to have their souls clean so they can go to Heaven.

The Scientist: Like a place for their souls to take a bath because they’re dirty?

Me: Kinda, yeah.  See, we can’t go into heaven with even one tiny little spot of dirt on our souls, and God loves us so much that He gives us every chance to get into Heaven.  He gives us Purgatory to wash away the little stains that sins leave on our souls, even after we go to Confession.

The Scientist: (Thinks for a minute.) So, I bet since Heaven is so high up it’s above the clouds, I think Purgatory is like just above the clouds, and has a cloud floor, with lots of fountains.

Me: (Thinks for a minute.) For all the washing?

The Scientist: Yeah.  Only they’re all full of holy water, because I mean you have to use holy water to clean the soul, right? I bet that’s what Purgatory is: a big place for all the souls to get washed in giant fountains full of holy water.  God is awesome.

Me: Yes, yes He is.  Go to sleep.  It’s almost 10 o’clock.