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Remember last week when I told you I was sick, had a nasty cold, had been out of it for almost a week at that point, but was sure to be back into it again come Monday?

Yeah, about that.  It didn’t happen until Wednesday.  Then it didn’t happen again.  Taking a little break to get myself back together after that cold did what it usually does to my workout routine: completely derailed it.  But that’s OK.  This time around, I’m a little more committed, have a lot more to lose (literally and figuratively), and I’ll be back up and doing my hip-shaking before lunch today.  (In my defense, I would have been at it yesterday had I gotten more than 4 hours of repeatedly interrupted sleep the night before, but my little Pirate Princess and her upset stomach had other ideas.)

All in all though, I didn’t do too badly.  Even though I didn’t workout, and even though I did have a helluva good time on the Fourth (frozen mocha pie anyone? Oh, and the world’s smallest Slurpee yesterday), I still managed to have a decent couple of weeks.  According to the scale, I’m down another couple of pounds and somehow managed to shave a little bit off my waist.  I’m counting this as a win.  (Still no luck with the lopsided thighs though, but I’ll take it!)

Current Weight: 183 (down two pounds!)
Current Waist: 38″ (down half an inch)