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As I sat (on my couch) the other night, in the heat of a July evening (with a fan blowing on me), bored (while watching my streaming video on my large TV), in a small (but quite comfortable, actually) apartment, it struck me that despite some of the problems I’ve shared here at Truth and Charity, I really do have a pleasant life.  My problems are only “first world problems.”  You know the ones, like not being able to download that movie I wanted to watch quickly enough, or only being able to buy the regular Oreos and not the Double Stuffed.  While much of the world lives in poverty so extreme that we cannot even begin to comprehend it, I am able, even in a time of financial difficulty, feed my children and offer them the luxury of clean drinking water.  While many children go without things we consider basic, such as shoes (oh, us silly ‘Mricans), I have scattered about my living room floor no less than ten little sneakers.  First world problems seem inconsequential in light of things like infants dying of diseases that here are prevented or at least easily cured.

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