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Recently, there’s been a bit of buzz around the Catholic homeschooling blogosphere created by the publication on Totus Tuus Family of a quiz meant to help parents determine what type of homeschoolers they are.  And of course, because we’re all 15 year old girls at heart, we’ve all taken it, myself included.  I’m not sure if I agree with the results, even if this quiz has an accuracy rate of 100%. I completely agree with the results, once I stopped for three seconds, read the directions properly, and scored it correctly.  (Chalk that up to my being exhausted from the heat of these last few days.  Yeah, that’s it.  The heat.)

So, if you’re a homeschooling mom (or dad!) and want in on the quizzy action, go here: Totus Tuus Family Homeschooling Style Quiz and Curriculum Predictor.

Apparently, according to my answers, I should be doing exactly what I’ve been thinking about doing for the last few months now: a Charlotte Mason style curriculum, but one planned by someone else.  You see, I’m in love with her ideas on educating the young and the use of “living books” written by single authors instead of textbooks, often written by committees.  She believed that children’s minds, imaginations, souls, and characters needed to be “fed” on the best quality “food” we could offer them, and I agree.  Of course, I would never base a decision as serious as my curriculum choices on something akin to a 17 Magazine quiz, but knowing that this one was actually developed by a homeschooling mother, PhD, and psychologist kinda gives me that little bit of confidence I’ve been needing to take the plunge.

I think I’ll be giving it a go this fall with old Charlotte.  Now the only thing left to decide really is between Mater Amabilis and Ambleside Online.  Any thoughts, ladies and gents?