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I have nothing to report this week.  Absolutely nothing.  Seriously, I didn’t even weigh myself or measure my waist.  There’s a reason for this though, and no, the reason isn’t the holiday.  I have a cold.

Yeah.  I’ve had a cold all. week. long.

And as a result of said cold I did not one stitch of exercise.  I also didn’t eat particularly well or poorly, so my diet can’t really be a source of either inspiration of dismay.  I simply held on to my spinning head and hoped I’d feel better soon.

Today, after a week of congestion and coughing and exhaustion, I’m feeling ever so much better, but I’m still not back at it.  I know my body.  I know that it needs a day or two more to be ready to tackle a work out again.  Come Monday, I’ll be back on that Fit Friday bandwagon, but for now, I’m taking a little break.  We all need one from time to time, right?