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I finished the whole Zumba “lose a dress size in 10 days” thing.  I’m not really surprised that I did not, in fact, lose a dress size.  I did however lose another half an inch off of my waist, so I’m counting this week as a good one.

My niece and nephew (oh, and my brother and sister-in-law too) surprised us all by showing up on Wednesday to “celebrate” our niece’s anniversary.  Needless to say, this was not the best week food wise.  Let’s see, there were the pizza and the cheese steak on Wednesday, and the chips and burger and hot dog and the Italian cookies at the going away party for our dear friend, a priest affectionately known as “Fr. Tuesday.”  Today, it was the Trader Joe’s deep fried sugar snap peas thingies.  Have you ever had them?  They’re delicious, but confusing.  All the nutrition of peas, but tasty, and full of fat.  I know, my brain hurts too.  Also, there were dark chocolate covered espresso beans.  These are a weakness of mine.  All in all, not my best week lately.  But that’s OK.  I’ll get back on up that horse tomorrow and go from there.

Here’s my real problem: my thighs, or rather, the fact that they are now two different sizes.  You see, I get that I have big thighs.  Totally get this, don’t try to deny it.  I’ve got big just about everything right now, hence this whole Fit Friday thing.  What I’ve been noticing the last couple of days though is that the one thigh is bigger than the other.  Actually, they’re the same size, but one has started changing shape and the other hasn’t.  It’s odd.  I can’t really explain it.  The one is becoming less, how shall we say, bumpy?  It doesn’t protrude as much as the other.  It’s unsettling.  I think the reason is that my right leg, the one with the weaker knee, doesn’t get worked as hard as the left, and it’s starting to show.  I have to fix this.  Case closed.

So, to sum up, I lost some more waist, but not much else, and I’m OK with this.  As long as I keep moving, I’ll get there eventually.  There, by the way,  my current goal, is just smaller than here.

Current weight: 185 (up about a half a pound)
Current waist: 38.5″ (down a half an inch)