I am a child of the Interwebz.  My dad brought home our first internet capable computer in 1995 and signed us up for AT&T internet service (he worked for them in a circuitous manner).  We already had a fax line, because we were just that cool, so it was all set up within a few minutes.  It was amazing.  You could spend hours and hours looking at so much.  I mean, sure, it was mainly just looking up Sailor Moon and anything else that randomly popped into your head, but it was awesome.  Trust me.

Within a few months, I was involved in a couple of chat rooms, and not long after that I had my own Angelfire homepage.  Remember Angelfire?  Yeah, most people don’t, but I liked it.  By the time 1996 rolled around, I was into Hanson, and so was the internet.  There were pages and pages and group after group that were full of others like me: teenage girls obsessed with focused on a common interest.  It was glorious.

During those days, I made some good friends.  We talked all the time, and by “talked” I mean responded to each other’s postings on message boards and in guest books (remember those?) and even corresponded both electronically and via snail mail.  I still keep in touch with a couple of these ladies, but I’ve never actually met any of them.

I bring all of this up because of a good experience I had this weekend that involves meeting someone you know online in real life.  (I hate that expression, “in real life.”  Most people who grew up online, like I did, know that you can have a friendship with someone you’ve never actually met, and that it doesn’t mean any less to you than a friendship with the girl who lives next door.)  For about six months now, I’ve been emailing with another mommy blogger, homeschooler, Catholic, who also lives in Newark.  I know, right?  Whoda thunk it?  We kept making plans to make plans to meet up, and just hadn’t been able to make them stick yet.  I’d be busy with the baby, she’d be busy with family.  You know how it gets.  Well, this weekend, none of that mattered.  We met, completely by accident, at a little going away party for a mutual friend.

And it was amazing.

I’m so glad we finally got to meet.  And bonus: our kids hit it off too!  There was no fuss, no muss, just a couple of friends having a chat.  It probably won’t happen again until August (both busy again).  For now, we’ll go back to our emailing.  I’m content with that, because if the online world has taught me anything, it’s that a friend is a friend, right? (And that there are a ton of Sailor Moon websites out there.)