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I have a new camera.

Well, not really a new camera, really, as I got it about seven months ago, but newer than my old camera, which I bought the night before my wedding (almost nine years ago).  This one was a gift from my Mommy for my baby shower.  That’s part of why I hadn’t taken the time to learn all the ins and outs about it until now.  You know, that whole newborn to infant stage thing. I’ve been kind of busy.  Until now.

The other day, quite accidentally, I found a setting I hadn’t tried yet, and that got me thinking.  What else don’t I know about this thing?  According to the directions on the CD I hadn’t yet popped in to my computer, a lot.

Before I get too far in, here are the details: Nikon COOLPIX S6300
(in red). (Affiliate link)

There’s a setting that recognizes smiles.  I’m thinking Par-tay!  No, for reals, this thing will be awesome at the many, many birthday parties I attend each month.

It has “subject tracking,” which, despite it’s creepy name, is an awesome feature that “learns” a face (or an object, like, say, a sailboat) and then snaps pictures of it whenever they come into frame.  Again, good for parties, and for those who use attend school plays and the like.

Favorite feature by far?  It allows you to select one color to highlight and everything else is faded into black and white.

Needless to say, I’ve been having fun with it all weekend, and have grand plans for the future.  I’m mentally planning photo shoots with the kids and laying out vignettes for new recipes I want to try from Pinterest.  I’m picturing being the Picture Goddess of my family.  Every family has one.  You know, the one person who has her camera out at every event and who everyone knows will have “that” picture (the one you need, whatever one it may be).

In reality, I know most of this won’t happen, but somehow I feel powerful.  My plans will inevitably fizzle out once reality catches up with me when the Shield Maiden makes her usual 5:30 wake up call.  For now though, I’ll be happily snapping away, until, of course, I get distracted by the life I’m trying to capture.