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In this week’s addition of Fit Friday, I have a milestone to mark: 10 pounds and a smidge.

That’s right.  This little Bridgie is now 10 pounds and a smidge (gotta get that smidge in there) lighter than she was three weeks ago when she started doing Zumba again.  She’s also four inches smaller around her waist, so she’s very happy.

Now, she’s going to stop talking about herself in the third person.

Seriously though, I cannot believe it.  I won’t lie and say I feel amazing or like I’m 21 again, but I will say this: I’m dancing more.  Not just during my Zumba sessions, but in general, and mainly in the kitchen, I’m dancing more.  This could have something to do with Hanson’s new album, but, much as I love it, I think it’s the lost 10 pounds (and a smidge).  I feel ever so slightly lighter and it makes me want to dance.  This may be a bigger gain than the smaller waistline.

Another big gain: my bum knee isn’t quite so bum right now.  You see, I have a titanium rod in my leg that I got when I was 23 from a sledding accident.  Stop rubbing your eyes.  I broke my leg out sledding on a snow day with my brother-in-law and some nieces and a nephew when I was actually working as a teacher.  Was I too old to be sledding?  Who can say?   Anyway, back on topic I go.  When I do exercise, my right knee starts to hurt.  It gets very stiff and does this weird shooting pain like someone is driving a nail straight through the middle of it when I bend it.  The stiffness started with the first “que te mueve” step, then it got a little better, and now that it’s getting stronger, it barely hurts.  If Zumba can fix up my bad knee, I’ll keep at it.

Current weight: 184.5 (Starting weight: 194.9; see the smidge?)
Current waist: 39″