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My husband and I do not practice Natural Family Planning (NFP).  This may be more than you wished to know about us, but there it is.  Now that it’s out there, I should tell you that we are also not what some would call “quiver-full” Catholics.  We are, in a word, Catholics.  We discussed what marriage meant to us before getting married, and both agreed that it meant being totally open to children on God’s schedule, not our own, and as such, when asked by the priest if we would be totally open to children and willingly accepting of them, we both responded with a resounding “Yes!”.  We had no set number of children we wanted to reach and  no set number at which to stop.  We simply knew that to have a marriage that was open to God’s grace called us to be open to His blessings, however and whenever he chose to send them.  I’ve heard this called practicing “heroic virtue” a lot lately, and I’d like to clear something up about this: it’s not.

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