From my bloggy friend, Terry, at 8 Kids and a Business. 🙂

8 Kids And A Business

father's day 2013

A man who:

  • works hard to provide for his family
  • considers his family first in every business decision
  • can’t wait to come home after a long day at work
  • expects his children to work hard
  • expects his children to be accountable
  • takes his children camping even when he would rather be in a 5-star hotel with 24-hour sports channel
  •  builds an awesome campfire
  •  is passionate, spontaneous, playful, funny
  • delights in the smell of a newborn
  • was born to change a diaper
  • makes faces at ALL the little babies
  • will cut the neighbours’ grass; drive the elderly person home from the grocery store; help a friend move; walk the nun home through the rough ‘hood; offer a friend a beer and a burger and insist that he put his feet up on the coffee table
  • enjoys being the Saturday morning short-order cook for his brood
  • makes a mean tea-biscuit and an…

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