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So, my Wii Balance Board says I didn’t lose anything this week, which really started to upset me before I measured my waist.  That’s when I realized that, even though my days and days of Zumba have yet to yield a weight loss, it has yielded a loss.  My waist is down another half an inch, bringing it to an even 40″ around.  I shouldn’t be so proud to share with the world that I have a 40″ waist, I know, but it’s so much smaller than it’s been lately, that I can’t help it.  I’m ecstatic.

Now, onto to the tough part: why didn’t I lose any poundage?  I have a feeling it has something to do with a short lived obsession with iced coffee I developed last weekend.  In reality, the obsession is still alive and well.  I’m simply not giving in to it.  I overindulged in liquid calories and am paying the price for it now.  All things considered, I’m not that upset over it.  Those were some damn good iced coffees the Husband made me, and I had a fabulous weekend of family and fun.  Monday morning, and I was back on the weight loss wagon.  Hardly any hard, hardly any foul.

Back to Zumba for a minute.  If you still haven’t tried it, why not?  What’s stopping you?  For me, it was the fear that I’d be embarrassing myself at one of those crazy parties classes.  I know what I look like doing the salsa and it’s not pretty.  Buying the DVDs was a Godsend.  Now, I lock myself away (from prying eyes, from the kids, from everything) and take an hour for myself to get back into shape for them.  I mean, yes, I’d love to look better (who wouldn’t?) and I’d love to feel better, but my primary goal in all of this is to be a better mother to my kids, a better wife to the Husband, and to be as prepared as physically possible for God to bestow the blessing of another child on me.  Yes, that’s right: I’m doing Zumba to have more kids.  Bet that’s one reason Beto’s never heard before.  If kicking my own ass everyday helps my body prepare for another pregnancy (and no I’m not pregnant currently), then I guess I have some ass kicking to do.

Current Weight: 187.5
Current Waist: 40″