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Yeah, remember when I said I hadn’t been doing much of anything online except my Truth and Charity posts?  Well, I hadn’t even been doing that all that well apparently, because I just realized that I hadn’t been sharing them over here.

To that end, I give you links to my latest three weekly posts:

Slipping Things In, where I rant about the wrongness of going too far with adult themed jokes in children’s programming

Religious Education: How Much Is Too Much?, where I ramble on about striking just the right balance in the delicate process of Sacrament preparation and general religious formation

Please Don’t Drop the Host: A Mother’s Prayer, where I opine on the sad possibility that, despite our best efforts, one day our children may lose their faith and their connection to the Church, and the necessity to pray daily so that this does not happen

I hope you’ll find a few moments to stop on by and check them out.  Thanks!