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Oh, hi.  I’m back, I think.

Moving on.

Yesterday, as I was playing with the Shield Maiden right after lunch, the Scientist decided to join in.  He made her giggle.  This made him giggle.  This made me giggle.  You get the picture.  It was a big old giggling mess.

Finally, he looked up at me and said something that really surprised me:

“Mom, I love this.”

“What’s that?” I asked, honestly not sure which part he loved most.

“This.  I get to play with the baby and make her laugh.  Whenever I want.”

Finally.  Finally he gets at least part of why we are a homeschooling family.

“You get to make her laugh because you are here and you are here, right now, because we are homeschooling you.  That’s pretty awesome, right?”

He just smiled and went back to playing with the baby.  I think he gets it though.

And I couldn’t be happier about that.  This is a huge part of our reasons for homeschooling.  I want my children to grow up together and not in classrooms full of other children who are not their siblings.  If they will be making friends during the next few years, I want it to be with their brothers and sisters, the people who will be around for the rest of their lives.  I don’t want them to lose out on those friendships simply because there are a few years between them.  Honestly, I credit being homeschooled with the great relationships I have with my siblings and with my parents.  We were given the chance to get to know each other simply because we were given the time to be around each other.

Knowing that he is starting to understand why we do this, why we go through all of this every day, is more than just a bit validating.


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