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My oldest daughter happened to be born on “Earth Day.”  We are so far from celebrating it that we didn’t even make the connection when first scheduling it (C-section) that it came as a surprise when my sister pointed it out on the calendar.  Such fun.  Can you hear the sarcasm?  A “Green” baby born on Earth Day.  The nurses in the hospital were positively tickled, even finding her a handmade mint green hat and matching blanket set to send her home in.  Meanwhile, I was dying a little inside each time the connection came up.

Do I hate the Earth?  No.  Absolutely not.  Do I worship her?  Again, absolutely not.  Now, I’m not saying that the average second grade teacher who encourages her students to celebrate Earth Day does, but the holiday (or holy day as it should be referred to for Environmentalism is most certainly a religion) was founded to promote just that.  Oh, they don’t call it that, but that doesn’t change what it is.  The whole idea of Earth Day is to place the Earth in a position of prominence as life-giving and some how sacred.  It’s not.  God is, but the Earth is not, in and of itself, and that is my main issue with Earth Day.

I would feel this way even if one of the first men associated with Earth Day hadn’t turned out to be a hypocritical murderer.  Yeah.  He murdered and “composted” his ex-girlfriend, using Styrofoam.  A healthy respect for the Earth begins with understanding its place: as a home for human beings.  Clearly, this man had no respect for human life, and perhaps that is why his love of the Earth is so disproportionate.  I can’t speak for him.  But I can choose not to participate in this farce of a holiday, however unpopular that makes me.

Photo by tonynetone

Oh Earth, I love you, I just don’t love you. Photo by tonynetone