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Do you ever get into a new show, watch the whole first season fanatically, become “involved”, make it one of your favorite things to watch each week —

Only to be crushed when the darn thing gets cancelled in the Spring?

Yeah.  I’ve had this happen to me more than once.  A couple of years ago it was The Event with Jason Ritter, which was awesome and totally deserving of a second season.  More recently it was Ringer, with several of my favorites (most importantly Ioan Gruffuds…yum).  Those both hurt, real bad, when I found out that they hadn’t made the cut.  One of the worst though was this gem of a show, Life, with Damien Lewis, now on Homeland, but who I loved from The Forsyte Saga from the BBC via Netflix.  Oh that was a good one.  About a cop who is set-up for and wrongfully imprisoned for many years before having his conviction overturned and then getting a ton of money in recompense from the city of L. A.  And did I mention he got his old job back?  Yeah, he went back to the force.  Awk-ward.  Obviously he did this to try to clear his name.  It was original and made for some great TV.  Not great enough though, evidently.

You could say I’m a little jaded when it comes to new TV shows.  I won’t even watch something with Will Arnett in it because he’s fooled me too often.  Sometimes, I’ve DVRed the whole first season of a show and waited to find out if it had been picked up before bothering to watch.  At least that way I know what I’m getting into.  So imagine my own surprise to find myself practically addicted to Revolution.  Have you seen it?  It’s not quite post-apocalyptic, but there is that essence to it.  Here’s the basics: the power went out about 15 years earlier, and supposedly no one knows why or how to turn it back on (but of course someone does).  The story is following a group of rebels and the like as they try to not only turn the power back on but  rebuild the United States.  It’s quite good.  Plus it has Billy Burke, so…again, yum.  Oh, and there are these power pendant things.

I’m already 13 episodes in so clearly I’m going to keep on watching (you know, unless they tick me off for some reason, which shows are apt to do) and hope that it keeps going for a few seasons.  You know, as I reread this, I’m beginning to think I may need to rethink the amount of TV I watch.

Ha!  I do make myself laugh sometimes.

Yeah, if the power went out, I'd be screwed.

Yeah, if the power went out, I’d be screwed.