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My kids are all sick.  Everyone of them has a cold except the baby.  Such fun.  This is by way of an explanation for not having a brand new post up today to welcome any visitors who may be stopping by.

You see, I was hoping to have this place looking all spiffy because I’m guest posting today, over at Vanderbilt Wife, the blog of an old friend of mine who I’ve never met.  I’ll explain.

Jessie (AKA the Vanderbilt Wife) and I are both “Fansons”, you know, fans of Hanson.  We “met” 16 years ago (I know, right?) through a Hanson interactive story website.  See?  Even then we both loved writing.  We kept in touch for a while, then lost touch for a while, then, through the magic of Facebook and the blogosphere, found each other again.  This, kids, is why I love the Interwebz.

So, if you’re stopping in from VW, welcome!  Have a look around.  Explore my craziness. Enjoy the pictures and stories of my adorable kids.  Get to know a little of why we homeschool.  Read some of ranting.  You might just like what you see.  I hope you do and decide to stick around for a while.