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We went to the library again this week.  After our ridiculously long absence (read: since August), we finally got back into it a couple of weeks ago.  This time, I am determined to get back into some kind of weekly or at least bi-monthly routine of heading to the North End Branch and even getting the boys onto loose a reading schedule.  We’ll see how this goes.

The Pirate Princess has been very interested in actually picking out books herself this time around.  She loves looking at all of the very colorful covers and, contrary to the old adage, bases almost all of her book decisions on them.  This has had mixed results so far, but I’m trying to just get out of her way and let her have some fun.  After all, she’ll just be four in a couple of weeks, so all I’m looking to do right now is foster her love of books and reading in general.  I don’t have to be the book nazi with her just yet.

As I said, there have been mixed results.  A couple of the books she desperately wanted were wildly inappropriate for her age.  Try explaining to someone her age (that would be 3 going on 15) that just because there is a “titty” (kitty) on the cover does not mean it’s a good book for a little girl.  Go ahead.  It was such a fun discussion to have in public too, with her insisting, “I love books about ‘titties’!  Why can’t I have the book with the ‘titty’ on it, Mama?”  Hello, face; have you met palm?

The Superhero picked out what I think has been the most disappointing book yet: Skeleton Hiccups.  We read it last night and it just wasn’t.  We kept hoping it would get funny or do something but it didn’t.  It just wasn’t.  The premise was cute enough: a skeleton gets the hiccups.  How exactly will he rid himself of them?  He can’t exactly hold his breath or drink a glass of water or swallow sugar or really do any of the standard cures.  This is where the funny was supposed to come in, but didn’t.  It was like the author was trying to hard.  The illustrator did a good job but didn’t have much to work with.

Looked so promising...

Looked so promising…

This was our favorite picture, but even this couldn't save this book.

This was our favorite picture, but even this couldn’t save this book.

Oh well, you win some, you lose some, right?  I still have a stack of about 25 books or so to get through in the next week before we return to our branch, and I’m hopeful there will be at least one good book in it.  In fact, I’m sure there will be several and none of can wait to read them.