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Monday of Holy Week is already upon us.  How did that happen?  One day it’s Mardi Gras and we’re living it up, eating cheese steaks and (separately) chocolate, and then, bam!  We’re standing for the longest Gospel of the year and wondering why we wore the high heels.  Maybe it’s because of all the time we’ve spent focusing on the Holy Father(s) and the conclave and all of that, but Lent seems to have flown by, for me at least.  And here we are, in the “home stretch.”  Praise God!

Every Holy Week, whether I feel as if I haven’t sacrificed enough during the previous five (as is often the case), or I feel that there is little else I could have added to my penance, I find myself wanting to do more.  This year, I’m going back to an oldie but goodie for my final push: I’m giving up noise.

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Photo by pamhule

Photo by pamhule