The first pope from the Americas!

The first Jesuit!

The first Francis!

Such an exciting time.

We are so excited here at Le. Rheims, we can hardly contain ourselves.  We have taken down our sede vacante sign, at the insistence of the Ninja Monkey and are eagerly awaiting Pope Francis’ crest.

So, why Francis? My guess is after St. Francis Xavier (pronounced zavier, not xzavier), one of the “best” Jesuits ever.  The fact that the first Latin American priest is also a Jesuit is not surprising at all, since the Jesuits did play a big role in the conversion of the Americas. Another option, perhaps the more accepted one, is that he, being by all accounts an incredibly humble man, chose the name of another very humble man who was asked to “rebuild the church”.  We’ll have to what and see what he says.

Also, he’s not entirely a non-European.  His father was an Italian immigrant.

Let’s all pray for our new Holy Father!