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Living in an apartment, there are some things we deal with differently than we would if we were living in a house.  For example, two summers ago we had to wait for the buildings plumber to fix a leak in the wall for a few months.  The end result was that something we would have fixed quickly and easily ourselves had we owned our home took a bagillion times longer to fix and turned into a much larger problem in the end.  We basically play a game of chicken with the management company whenever there is a problem.

This week, it’s our bathroom again.  The sink and the tub have been draining so slowly, it’s getting downright gross.  I kept telling myself I needed to get out to the store to buy some drain cleaner, but well, this happened:

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Finally, it dawned on me that I wasn’t going to be getting to the store any time soon, so I started trying to figure out how else I could take care of the clogs.  I remembered having heard something about using Borax for it so I went a-searching.  I found this on Make It from Scratch: “Homemade Drain Cleaner“.  There were two versions, one involving Borax and the other using baking soda.  Since I used most of my baking soda making pretzels last week, I opted for the Borax.  It was a good choice.

I didn't include any step-by-step photos because...ew, gross.

I didn’t include any step-by-step photos because…ew, gross.

Basically, you pour a half a cup of Borax down the drain, leave it for a few minutes, and then pour one cup of boiling water down after it.  It’s that simple.  Now, my sink was really, really, really clogged, so I ended up using a second cup of boiling water, but that was it.  The clog is gone, there’s no smell (either from the clog or from harsh chemicals or vinegar) and since I already had the Borax on hand, it was essentially free.  Score!

Once I realized how well it worked on the sink, I tried it on the tub.  Same results.  Excellent.

So, next time your drain is giving you a hassle, don’t rush right out for the foaming pipe python plumber of doom in a bottle.  Just grab some Borax.  It’ll work, trust me.