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My sister and I make cakes.

It’s a thing we do, together, for all of our kids (and sometimes for other family members as well).

We have fun, designing and decorating them, of course, but more or less, it’s just an excuse to stay up late and hang out together without the littles, doing something we enjoy and sharing a few (OK, many) laughs.

It’s not that we don’t enjoy spending time with the littles, it’s just that we rarely get to see each other, just as sisters, without all the responsibilities and interruptions that come with motherhood.

Sometimes, it’s not just us who are a part of the fun.  This weekend, for example, we made the cakes for my nephew’s fourth birthday.  Yes, that’s right, I said cakes.  We made four.  And, thankfully, another sister was there.  We’ll call them BB an CH (until and unless they tell me I can use their real names of course).  BB and I are the regular decorators and CH joins us often, but not always as a fellow decorator.  Sometimes, she’s just there for the fun. 🙂  And thank God she was there this time, because without her, the Shield Maiden would have really cramped our style.  Auntie CH is a great one for quieting upset babies, I must say.

With all this cake decorating, I think I got, oh, about two hours of sleep between Saturday and Sunday, and then there was the actual party and then bedtime for the littles and writing time for the mommy, all of which may explain the disjointed nature of this little post.  (It was, actually, an easy and quick night.   Most nights, we are sketching a picture onto a white-frosted cake with a tooth pick before filling it in with color, freehand.  These were “shape cakes”, ready made, just bag and fill.)

It was so worth it though.

I give you, the cakes:



captain america

Captain America’s shield


Just your friendly neighborhood Spiderman…cake


Tumorous Superman

Are you sensing a theme yet?

And now, for your viewing pleasure, some of the other cakes we’ve done before: