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While I am, of course, saddened by today’s events, I am, at my heart, a Catholic mother and teacher, and cannot ignore (or resist) the opportunity to teach my children about the momentous moment into which we are entering right now.  To that end, I’ve been scouring the Interwebz for resources that might be helpful.  So far, I think the best thing I’ve found is from Jen, over at Catholic Inspired, with her post about the conclave.  Oh, and of course Micah’s list of 7 Things about the Papacy over on Truth and Charity.

I plan on spending a little time each day during the Interregnum and the Conclave discussing the rituals, the special vocabulary, the papacy itself (including an upcoming set of coloring pages I’ll share on here).  We’ve “adopted” a cardinal (from China, as the Ninja Monkey said, “Just like C!”, one of their cousins) and we’ll be praying especially for him as he participates in the conclave (you can adopt one yourself HERE).

Right now, we’re watching the last few moments of his pontificate, glued to our TV (on EWTN).  We’ve had a lesson on what exactly a sede vacante (literally, an empty see) and why we have a special papal flag for when we have no pope (no crown = no one to wear it).

In the midst of our sadness, I want my children to learn that the Church will always be, even when our pope is no longer our pope.  And so, right about now, we enter into the Interregnum, the sede vacante, and focus on a time of prayer and learning.

rita blanket

My God daughter, wearing the blanket I made (with a friend) when she was born.

Unfortunately, I didn't make the crown detachable.

Unfortunately, I didn’t make the crown detachable.