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Yesterday, I talked about pretzels.

Today, I made them.


And I’m still not sure if I should chalk this one up as an adventure or a misadventure.  Perhaps, it was a little of both.


Blooming yeast!

Since it’s Lent, and pretzels are a Lenten thing, I wanted to try to include the kids in this one as much as possible.  So, I did the prudent thing and prepared the with littles in mind.  I printed the recipe and read it, at least three times.  I pre-measured my ingredients.  I called them all in to the kitchen and gave each one a task.  DSCN0641I even gave a mini science lesson on how the yeast feeds off of the sugar to “bloom”.  The Scientist surprised me by making a connection between this and a talk we had weeks ago on how the hosts used for Communion are to be unleavened, i. e. without yeast.  I was quite impressed, if I do say so myself.

Everything was going along swimmingly.  The dough was made.  It was a little dry, but other than that, all was well.

From this...

From this…

To this.

To this.

That is, until I pulled the bowl out of the oven where it had risen beautifully, and I suddenly realized I had left out the butter.  I was seriously ready to toss the whole thing, but, since the kids were eager to continue, I figured we’d plod ahead.  If it didn’t turn out tasty, we could always chuck it and keep the memories of a fun afternoon.

We broke up the dough into eight pieces and tried to roll them into 24″ ropes, but it was tough to say the least.

Ninja pretzel-makers.  Very stealth

Ninja pretzel-makers. Very stealth

Finally, after fighting with it to make five pretzelish things, I cried uncle and made the executive decision to get rid of the rest of the dough.


Fresh from their dip in a boiling bath of water and baking soda. Apparently, this step is what gives them their shiny, brown “shell”.

We dipped the ones we had into the boiling baking soda bath, gave them an egg wash and a sprinkle of salt, and popped them in the oven.  Within about five minutes the whole kitchen started to fill with a delicious aroma.

When they were done, we forced ourselves to let them cool and then the Husband and I tasted them, just to be sure, and were beyond pleasantly surprised.  They were so nummy nummy, we were disappointed there were only five of them.


While we ate, I told them the history of the pretzel, and they were greatly impressed.  The Ninja Monkey even pointed out that if they are supposed to imitate folded arms, we all hold them upside down.

To call it a snack seems wrong because they were so filling, which should make a certain blogger happy.  In fact, we’ve decided to put this one on our permanent meatless Friday meal rotation.  We may even add in the butter next time and see how it goes.

All in all, a successful venture.  A good time, and pretzel, were had by all.