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I’ve been more than a little MIA from here lately, in part because I’ve been a little hung up on a couple of questions floating around inside my little brain. I’m thinking of doing an overhaul of the whole blog, streamlining my categories (because really, does any blog need 19 categories? I think not), perhaps finding more of a focus.  Of course, we’re in the middle of Lent, a time for reflection and streamlining in a manner of speaking, so it’s a natural place for my Catholic mind to be at this time of year.  Some people do Spring cleaning, I do Lenten reflection or mental cleaning.  Tomayto, tomahto.

For today, though, I’m keeping it light.  While I continue to ponder my vision for the future of Life at Le. Rheims, I’ve realized something: I want pretzels.  It’s Lent, they’re a Lenten thing.  I want them.  I bought one of those special hole-filled flat spoon thingies last year sometime with the express purpose of making pretzels with the kids and have yet to try it.

"See?  Special slotted spoon," she said alliteratively.

“See? Special slotted spoon,” she said alliteratively.

It would be so easy to make them too.  Just throw all the ingredients into the bread machine, and when the dough is ready, have some fun with the littles rolling and twisting it into yummy, tasty pretzels.  They’re so close I can almost taste them.  Perhaps, just perhaps, today will be the day I gather up the sufficient get-up-and-go to make it happen.  If it is, I’ll be sure to share some with you, in pictures of course.  I mean, even my bread maker can’t make enough dough for all 100 or so of you (75% of whom don’t read most days).