He showed them mine, so, I’ll show you his. I give you my brother, Harvey.

(the Infant of) PRAGUE BLOG!

So where do we go from here?

This morning I woke up completely unaided by my alarm.  To those who know me, this is highly unusual.  5AM and I sat upright, overcome by a sense that I needed to get out of bed.  I thought of lying back down and returning to my slumber.  I had, after all, another thirty minutes before I had to be up and moving about in order to make it to the 6:30 mass at the local Cistercian Abbey.  But something, a gut feeling, maybe the Spirit, kept calling to me.  “Get out of bed and turn on the TV.”  To ask my wife, any voice beckoning me to turn on a television could not come from God.  But I got up nonetheless and went to the living room.  I sat down to check the weather on the local news and was greeted by the…

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