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I just (as in just now, sitting here at my sister’s, nursing the baby) realized something about my blog: it needs more pictures. I was about to use my newly downloaded Pinterest app to create a pin of one of my posts and was seriously surprised when I couldn’t.

There’s no real reason for this lack of visually stimulating content either, especially considering that I have a brand new camera.

Hence forth (yes I did just say that) I plan on trying to add more pictures. I don’t even care much if they make any sense or have much of a connection to the post. If Harvey has taught me anything, it’s that pictures don’t have to go along with content (or make any kind of sense).  Case in point, when applying to college he was asked to attach two photos with his application.  He attached them, all right.  One was of my cat, Phantom, and the other was a still life of a bowl of fruit.  The secretary called him, amused, to thank him for the laugh he had given her.  She and he and subsequently I became friends, and we were always welcome to hide out in her office and share her candy.  Pictures, you see, can be very powerful tools.

Flowers are always appropriate, right?

Flowers are always appropriate, right?