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100 years of silence doesn’t even begin to cover what needs to be done to honor the lives of those innocents lost to the evil of abortion.  In the 40 years since Roe, human life has become so devalued that celebrities demand compassion for abused animals but these same celebrities demand we recognize the right to murder preborn human beings.  We are told that bullying is an epidemic and we are surprised it has gotten this out of hand and yet we raise our children in a society that is based on the myth that someone’s worth is determined by his size or stage of development.  A paradigm shift has occurred since Roe first changed our world and until we reorient society back to a belief in the inherent value of human life from conception until natural death none of our societal ills will be cured.

Tonight, on the 40th anniversary of the darkest day in our great country’s history, I end my day with the prayer that this evil will see it’s end in our lifetime.  I pray that God will soften the hearts of those who make their living on the death of innocent children, injured mothers, and broken families.  I pray my own children may be able to live in a world where abortion is no longer the norm and in a society that wonders at it having lasted as long as it did in the same way we wonder how slavery was allowed to exist in a land built on freedom for all men.  I pray that God will forgive all of us who have not done enough to end this scourge on our nation and our world.  And I pray most of all for healing of the scar it has left in my generation where over one third of my fellows have not made it to birth.