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I just figured I’d take a moment on here and introduce our newest little blessing to all of you, my faithful readers and friends.


Since she’s brand spanning new and since I just really want to share her name, I’m going to tell you here, once, and then go on to call her our Shield Maiden.  And, I’m going to share all the other names too, just this once.
Here goes:
Eowyn Rose Guadalupe, named after Eowyn from the Lord of the Rings, with Rose after St. Therese if the Little Flower, and of course, her patron, Our Lady of Guadalupe.
Her name fits with my other children (at least the Husband and I think so).  They are, from oldest to youngest, Ronell Timothy or Rimmy as everyone knows him (after my husband and my brother; Seton Alexander (after St. Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton); Ransom Lewis (after Dr. Ransom from the Space Trilogy/Our Lady of Ransom and C. S. Lewis); Hester Mary Bernadette (after my father and my family, as Hester is my maiden name, the Blessed Mother, and my niece who passed away after a short but heroic life); Reagan Isabella Marie (after Ronald Reagan, Queen Isabella of Spain, and of course the BVM), and Gianna Molla Marie (after St. Gianna Molla and the BVM).
Names are so important to who we become as people. We either love our own or hate it, but are rarely indifferent towards it. The Husband and I really wanted to make sure that our children each had someone to look up to, an example to follow, a reminder of the greatness to which they could and should aspire as children of God. We also really wanted the names to be ones we loved, regardless of popularity (in either direction). We wanted names that would stand out in a crowd. I think we may just have accomplished that last one, but I know we nailed it on the first few criteria.


Thanks to everyone for the prayers, love, and support! On behalf of my whole family, we truly do appreciate it!

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